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Ignite Group Classes 2023


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2023 Group Classes 

Please note the new days/times for classes which started in November and continue in January/February. 
  • Level 1 - M/W 4-5 pm 
  • Level 2 - T/Th 4-5 pm 
  • Level 3 - T/Th 4-5pm 

Saturday classes will remain at their regular time

  • Level 1: 8 am
  • Level 2: 9 am
  • Level 3: 10:15 am 

January and February class registration is now open.


Please note that with the popularity of these classes, parking and drop-off rules are being strictly enforced.  All parents must park in a stall (no drop-offs or pickups in front of Ignite or "doubled parked" while waiting). Also M-F between 4:45-6:15, for safety and expediency, RIGHT turns only on El Prado Rd. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Players ages 8-17 will enjoy learning volleyball in our group classes. We provide instruction and drills that will develop their skills and hopefully, a love of volleyball. Players can attend during the week (2x per week) and/or our Saturday classes.  

  • Level 1 class: Beginners ages 8-12.  Focuses on fundamentals of passing, serving and volleyball movement using fun drills and basic instruction techniques. 
  • Level 2 : Beginners ages 13-17 or intermediate players ages 11-12. Builds on serving, passing, movement and ball control; Introduces hitting. 
  • Level 3: Intermediate players 13-17 who have completed at least 2 sessions of Level 2 or have some volleyball experience on a club, school or rec team, or with instructor approval*. Builds on Level 1 and 2 serving and passing and introduces attacking, setting and defense.

If you are unable to complete registration and payment for a class it could be closed.   Additionally, classes might need to be combined or closed if there are not enough sign ups.  

*If you are not sure about your child's level, please talk to the instructor or contact us before registering so we can help find the best spot for your player. 


Each Class is one month and fees are for the month.  All registration is completed online. Players can register for multiple months at registration but players must be registered for each month they attend. 

Level 1: Weekdays (2x) - $120-135*, Sat - $65*

Level 2: Weekdays(2x) - $135-150*, Sat - $75*

Level 3: Weekdays (2x) - $150-180*, Sat - $85*

*  cost reflect months with 4 weeks/holidays. Cost for months with 5 weeks or more classes in the month will be higher



Please direct questions to:

Cheri Thé

Cheri Thé


Phone: 909.315.2046